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The Power of Live Enzymes for Health and Fighting Disease

Raw, living foods as determined by enzyme activity are critical for health, digestion and reducing inflammation associated with a wide range of diseases. Yet the average American diet, with processed and cooked foods and produce grown in depleted soils with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, is largely missing these key ingredients for good health.

To boost vitality and fight disease, many people are embracing better health through enzyme-rich raw foods and supplements researched and championed for more than two decades by Hallelujah Diet. Hallelujah Diet is a comprehensive, preventative system empowering people to take charge of their health by activating the body’s self-healing powers through a diet rich in raw living foods with active enzymes.

“The emphasis is on raw and fresh fruits that still have vibrancy and enzyme activity in them,” says Michael Donaldson, Ph.D., a chemical engineering graduate of Cornell University and Research Director for Hallelujah Diet. “We find that a living body really requires living food – it thrives on that, and without it, it doesn’t thrive.”

Dr. Donaldson has spent 17 years studying people who have experienced health benefits of Hallelujah Diet, and published scientific research on benefits of the diet for fighting fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes and other ailments. He explains the importance of raw foods for health in this video.

Raw, whole-food supplements with living enzymes can assure our bodies receive the enzymes, healthy bacteria, essential oils and phytonutrients they need. The Hallelujah Diet Raw Food Lab was established to help people know which whole-food supplements contain living enzymes. Employing scientifically grounded testing methods, Donaldson and his team test products such as juice powders for the enzymes that naturally occur in most plant cells.

“As we were testing various products, the main goal was to confirm whether each supplement was in fact in its rawest form, thereby offering an abundance of enzymes and heat-sensitive nutrients to truly transform health,” he says.

Juice powders lose enzymatic activity if it is exposed to either slightly elevated temperatures for a long time or to temperatures above 104°F for a brief time. Also, when the enzymes are damaged by heat, other elements including essential oils and healthy bacteria are changed or destroyed. Testing demonstrated that Hallelujah Diet’s BarleyMax is one of the few whole-food supplements that yield the highest concentrations of live enzymes and other heat-sensitive elements. BarleyMax also does not contain fiber that could diminish the digestion of beneficial nutrients.

“Enzyme testing is a reliable and trusted hands-on method used to ensure that a so-called raw food product is a genuine health food, not a lifeless supplement from which your body will receive little benefit,” Dr. Donaldson says. “Rigorously testing products that claim to be raw foods for enzyme activity enables us and you to distinguish which products will truly cultivate optimal health.”

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About Hallelujah Diet

Hallelujah Diet includes educational materials and seminars, tasty recipes, and organic, plant-based nutritional products developed to help cleanse toxins, fight disease, increase energy and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It’s all about moving away from “SAD” (standard American diet) foods that pile on pounds and health woes, and toward a healthy diet that boosts vitality and resets food cravings.

Hallelujah Diet was founded by Rev. George Malkmus. While pastoring a growing church in upstate New York in 1976, Rev. Malkmus developed a large tumor under his lower left ribs. Rather than undergo traditional medical treatment, he drastically changed his diet. Raw fruits, vegetables and juices replaced burgers and fries. A year later, the tumor was gone along with other ailments, such as allergies and poor eyesight. His energy returned and he felt great.

Rev. Malkmus started spreading the word that a plant-based diet could boost the body’s immune system to fend off serious illness and disease. In 1992 he founded the organization that today is known as Hallelujah Diet. Today he and his wife Rhonda remain energetic and disease-free well into their senior years. In 1997, their son Paul Malkmus took the helm of the Hallelujah Diet as president and CEO. He has since expanded its presence to Canada in 1998 and then to Nigeria in 2012.

The diet that a pastor created to save his own life is now backed by ample research and advocated by about 2,000 “Health Ministers” – folks across America who have experienced new energy, health and vitality through Hallelujah Diet. It includes customized nutritional plans for those seeking to:

Boost health ­– replace SAD foods with healthy ones for gradual change
Live healthy – cleanse toxins to allow the body to make a fresh start
Restore health ­ fight disease through diet, vitamins and nutritional supplements

The desire to ward off cancer, diabetes and other chronic illness unites people who have embraced Hallelujah Diet, says Olin Idol, ND, Vice President of Health. “Clean” nutritional supplements based on organic ingredients, such as those in Hallelujah Diet, along with raw foods and juices, are key to jump-start the body’s ability to eliminate toxins that contribute to disease, he says.

“The body is a self-healing organism, and it wants to stay well if we will simply provide the conditions,” he says. “We have found, and through testimonials over the years, that if people are willing to make the dieting lifestyle change that we're teaching, most cases the body is able to reverse and cure those cancers.”

Ann Malkmus, wife of president and CEO Paul Malkmus, is a living example of the health benefits of Hallelujah Diet. While in graduate school in the mid 1990s she suffered from IBS and fibromyalgia and was caring for a young daughter with asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Since embracing the diet both she and her daughter have enjoyed great health. Today, as chief education officer for Hallelujah Diet, she serves as its leading “Health Minister.” She is author of Unravel the Mystery: A Simple, Effective Approach to Beating Cancer and an expert on women’s health who shares benefits of plant-based eating for treating symptoms of menopause.

To help people understand all the benefits of a plant-based diet, Hallelujah Diet offers a free Get Started Guide as well as customized support systems and Get Started Kits designed to boost the body’s immunity to fight off cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, candida, IBS/Crohn’s and other illnesses. Throughout, the emphasis is on foods that are not only healthy but also delicious and simple to prepare. It is all in keeping with the company’s motto “Fall in Love with Food Again.”

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